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    A chilling autumn breeze whistled throughout the sleepy port town of Yokeshire Falls as a foreboding fog enveloped it. The setting sun had just given its last spectacle of color before it was consumed by the encroaching night submitting to the supernatural light of its lunar counterpart that dominated the land. Streetlamps briefly flicked to life in a vain attempt to illuminate the worn cobble streets, only to be consumed by the insatiable abyss of mist and darkness. Only the ghoulish grins of jack-o'-lanterns and the eerie glow of haunting wisps dared to pierce the sacred gloom of this night. For on this hallowed evening, is the most treasured epoch of the town, the coming of Nightmare Night.

    Only the nervous shuffling of hooves and claws could be heard as the passengers mustered up the courage to disembark from their ships and enter the heavy fog that cloaked the town. A collective chill shot up the spines of the tourists as a figure began to take shape in the mists. The group of travelers slowly approached the stranger until the bellowing sound of their ship's foghorn echoed throughout the docks, causing many to yelp with fright and the figure to vanish into the fog. Fear had slowly begun setting in as many children clung to their parents for safety and couples held each other much tighter than usual. A collective gulp was made as the group cautiously delved deeper into the unknown.

    The faint glow of from orbs of light gave an ominous feeling that tickled the back of everyone's necks as followed the travelers just out of reach. It was as if their sole purpose was to guide the doomed and forgotten straight to the gates of Tartarus. Thoughts like these passed through the minds of the group as they reached the end of the dock until a high pitched cackle of malice echoed from every which way and something moved in the corner of their eyes. Then giggles of mischief rang out as several small figures darted to and fro, high and low, beside and between, much too quick to seen. And just as suddenly as they came, they disappeared into the thick fog, leaving without a trace that they were ever there. Moments passed in silence as the group held their breath as if expecting something else to show its veiled face, only for nothing to happen. Minutes passed as the travelers clutched their loved ones and luggage with dear life until they finally calmed down enough to finally enter the town with hesitant steps.

    The deafening silence that followed the group upon entering the town did nothing to ease the fears of both the young and old, with only the occasional sighting of something moving feeding their paranoia. Only the disturbing grins of the jack-o'-lanterns provided illumination to guide the unnerved travelers to a destination unknown. Time slowly ticked by as many had begun to notice the heads seemed to be following them as they passed them, watching from their station until their light extinguished and faded into the darkness. Suddenly, all of the pumpkins rose from their seats on the pavement and turned to face the frightened tourists with their ghastly and grotesque grisly grins of gore of gruesome gourdly guts with a giddy giggles guaranteeing they were going to the gallows.

    Scream did the tourists do so in terror as panic slowly began to set in. Cling did the children hug their parent for comfort and clung did many couples hold their other as they succumbed to fright. Powerless did the brave become as they were paralyzed with fear. Chant did the pumpkins with their evil incantations as they blocked off the path to the dock. Eerie did music of ambiance resonate from everywhere and nowhere at once. A collective gasp did the frightened travelers give out as the goulish gourds lift high into the air to reveal faces of horrors and beasts that should have remained hidden by the masks of jack-o'-lanterns. Flee did the vacationers run into the town to escape from the monsters that greeted them.

    Young and old alike ran as quickly as they could, with parents carrying their frightened children and those that managed to retain any semblance of courage assisting those that fell behind. As quickly as it started, the stampede came to a halt at the edge of a large open space that the road led to. Those in the rear pushed their way forward, only to see a pair of golden glowing eyes of a serpent piercing through the fog and shadows with hunger.

    “Welcome, loyal subjects,” A booming voice of authority fitting that of one of the Royal Sisters of Equestria. “To the night that thee pay tribute and celebration in honor of mine name.”

    An eerie light began to softly illuminate a malicious parody of the once-beautiful starry sky attached to a tall and imposing figure stood perched high above the group. “ An evening of sweets and fright.”

    The sound of hooves and claw clattered all around the fearful as they soon became surrounded by all sides by that which they fled from. “For this hallowed eve be the most sacred of all!”

    “For I, the Shadow of the Moon and Princess of Nightmares,” the ruler of night descended greet the crowd, causing all to scream in terror. “Welcome you all, to the Yokeshire Falls World Infamous Nightmare Night!”

    With that last declaration, the fog and darkness were dispelled as streetlamps and torches of flame cut illuminated what had been hidden to reveal. What were once monsters that go bump into the night were replaced ponies and griffons in costumes of horror and humor with glowing jack-o'-lantern masks hanging from their necks and friendly smiles on their faces. Beside them were giggling fillies and colts with grins of mischief and colored with the many candies they snacked upon. Finally, the Princess of the Night was much shorter than she was supposed to be and lacked the waving hair that many of the royal alicorns were known for. Aside from that and the look of absolute glee upon her face, she could have passed for the real thing.

    The tourists simply stood in shock and silent confusion as their fear slowly ebbed away, one even fainting from that anti-climatic reveal after the long build-up of tension.

    “Alright everypony, time to get back to work. Let's give our guests have a minute to collect themselves after that fantastic performance tonight.” The Nightmare Moon impersonator instructed her fellow actors to disperse into the now illuminated town square. Most of the townsfolk made their way in the square with laughter and mirth of the fun that was to be had this spooky evening as they made left to attend to their booths or simply enjoy the festivities to be had.

    “Right then, I think you've all had enough time to catch your breath and still your beating hearts, so now's the time for introductions.” The faux alicorn cleared her throat as she returned to character.” Some of thee may recall mine name from thy brochures as the coordinator of this grand event, Pinfeathers, Queen of Horror and Fright. Any that proclaim otherwise are but naysayers and shall become mine supper upon the hour. As thou may know, naught anywhere in the world is Nightmare Night so greatly revered and celebrated, hence why this night is a week long festival and of better quality than in the capital!”

    Clearing her throat once again, Pinfeathers forcefully suppressed her pride gather her composure and resume her role. “Before we continue, mine loyal subjects have already gathered and transported thine luggage to thy proper lodgings. Now then, standing before thy are the proprietors of the events that thou may wish to partake in. To mine left clad in black, red, and fangs is the talented tailor, costume designer, vampire, and second in command is to the future costume contest, Siver Strand” she introduced as said mare gave an easy smile and bowed. “To mine right is ever fearful Minion of the Night and fellow judge for the costume contest, Stormeye and his companion (giving my scaredy-cat minion whatever support she can) and fellow Guard of the Night, Midnight Fairytale, “Pinfeathers announced as the stallion gave her an annoyed look.

    “As for the rest, we have the mad Frankenmare and her patchwork monster of grumpiness, Eureka and Cogsworth whom, along with their family, operate the scariest Haunted House of Machinations and Macrabe in the country. Thou need not worry about bringing thine children until the twilight of midnight, at which thou must sign a waiver if entering in thine wish. Paramedics will be on standby should the need arise.”

    “If food, drink, and a place to rest be thine wish, the our resident strong-stallion and his vintage bartending sister run the local pub. Music and karaoke will be available there until the late evening where films of horror shall be shown. And be certain to purchase the various corns of candy and kernel from the Corn family's booth when time comes around. However, if it is thine wish to for a method of fright in the way of literature, I personally will be reading stories of old.”

    “Now then my faithful subjects, it is time to announce that which thou hast been waiting for, the world famous, Yokeshire Falls Contest of Spooks, Scares, and Be'witching' Costumes!” She announced with unbridled glee. “The grand spectacle to where'st thou must display thy creativeness with thine costumes of fright, humor, and charm to the judges that stand before thy. We do so look forward to see which of thee shall claim the title of the 'King/Queen of Nightmares'. I know thoust shant disappoint, mine loyal subjects.”

    “Last but not least, my final order for my most wonderful guests,” Pinfeathers ascended into the air and perch herself upon a small stage stage with a microphone some distance behind her. With a decree that would have made the actual Princess of the Night proud, she bellowed, “Be certain to enjoy your stay here in Yokeshire Falls mine loyal subjects!”

The Night Before Nightmare Night
Here be a written introduction for all of those who wish to take part for :iconfuyusfox:'s Nightmare Night Costume Contest.  It's a tad late, but better late than never.

I can't help but feel trepidation as to seeing what all of you Ghouls and Geists come up with for this hallowed night of fright.


That's Mr. Oracle to you!
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Happy Holidays, Folks!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 5:13 PM
It's the most wonderful time of the year as they say.

Anyway, sorry for not being on for the past month or so.  Finals, decorating, and preparing for family for Christmas has kept me occupied, leaving me little time to write and all that jazz.  Sad to say, the debut of Junction will not be happening this month as I said before, nor next month if things continue to be this busy.  However, I should have the Oracle entry for :iconhands-of-chaos: done by the end of the month or early next month.  Apologies everyone.

So happy holidays to you all!  As for me, I've got family to cater to. Catch you all next year!

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